Now Faces Come Alive With Orkut Video Chat

This is cool new feature announced by orkut. Video chat is now possible inside orkut itself. This feature is sure to be received with great enthusiasm among orkutians.
orkut Blog: Talk face-to-face with your friends with video chat in orkut

5 Reasons To Blog With Blogger In Draft Rather Than Blogger

Handy Pics Alignment
When it comes to uploading pictures to your post, I found that Blogger in Draft does a better job. The moment you insert the picture, a nifty option bar pops by which you can choose the desired left, right or centre alignment. The same bar also has size options, small, medium and large to adjust the photo size. Contrary to Blogger where once you choose the size and layout before hitting the upload button, its final.

Re sizable Post Editor Window

Avery helpful feature of blogger in draft especially when revising the post for spellings and grammar. Just drag the lower right corner of the post editor window and it will re size accordingly.

Extra Gadgets
Blogger in Draft has some very useful gadgets that Blogger does not have. Of course at some point of time they will eventually be a part of Blogger, but if you want to try it beforehand then log in to Blogger in Draft.

Here I Am, The Location Tool
Add location feature attaches tags to each of your post with location on Google maps. This is an extremely useful feature for travel bloggers.

Elaborate Post Options
Blogger in Draft shows post option with some extra features like convert newlines to br /s , ignore newlines, Interpret typed HTML and show HTML literally.

What Blogger In Draft Lacks But Blogger Possesses
I would not mislead you into believing that Blogger in Draft is having all features and Blogger doesn't. The features that Blogger in draft lacks are Insert video and Spell check.

Wordpress URL Shortner Embedded In The Blog Post Editor Itself

Wordpress comes with URL shortner right inside the blog post editor Itself. Though Wordpress claims it to be the shortest in terms of domain as, I think they should watch out before claiming big. Anyways its nice to find it right inside the blog. The unique and restrictive feature of this Wordpress URL shortener is that it works only for Wordpress and not for any other links.
I tried it and I am therefore presenting you with the screen shot to have a glimpse.

What Is A Blog? How To Start A Blog ?

A blog is an on-line diary with an ability to display text, images, video and audio. Unlike websites, the pages in a blog are arranged in a reverse chronological order. Blogs have undergone much change since their inception. Now a days blogs are being used for grass root journalism, update information about a product or a company's progress, tutorials and what not. Most if not all the sites have an accompanying blog in order to provide the latest developments.

How Can I Start A Blog?
Various blogging sites like Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Type pad, provide all what is required to start a decent blog. Blogger, Wordpress and Tumblr are free while Type pad is paid (A trial account can be created free). These are dedicated blog platforms. Many other blogging services are a combination of social networking and blogs e.g. Live Journal, My Space, and even Yahoo and MSN have blogs. It takes a few minutes to sign up and your blog is ready for posting. Choose a proper URL, assign it a lucrative name, choose the template you like and start posting. Easy.

Is Technical Knowledge Essential?
If you can email, I am sure you can start a blog too. It has the same basic things like compose for new mail, is the same as New Post in blogger. After writing the body just like an email, there you hit send, in blog you hit Publish post .

Can A Blog Be Used As Alternative Source Of Income?
Blogs have a provision of placing ads at various places. If you build a sufficient amount of traffic you can place Adsense ads by far the most popular ad service, or try any of these mentioned in my previous post Adsense Alternative : Tom Tried Adsense Denied, Even Then He Monetized.

You may have grasped the very basics of blogs. Now its up to you what you do with your blog and till what level do you take it.Please feel free to write if you do face any problem. Here to help you always, in all possible ways.

How I Gained 5 times More Traffic in 13 Days

One of my most sluggish blog, rose 5 times up in twitter followers and 6 times on traffic in 13 days. And there is just one secret to it. The change in URL shortening service from bitly to su।pr. See the results in the following screen-shots. It is a blog that delivers news about my University to its Alumni and current students. Though many happening, events and conference that are reported are of interest to many others in the world. And the basic difference lies in the fact that they had to be tapped from wherever they are. Stumble upon with was a right choice indeed.

9 Tips For Setting Up A New Blog

Starting a new blog with the right steps makes a concrete foundation to build a high rise blog. "Well begun is half done" says an old adage. Just give me 10 minutes and I will give you the mantras to start a rock solid blog.

Choose an SEO friendly URL
When creating a blog it is preferable to go for a URL containing words that revolve around the central idea of your blog. Separating the words with a hyphen will help it get indexed better by Google e.g. is better than This may not always be possible but try to as far as possible.

Optimize The Title
Blogger titles are not optimised for search engines. Visit this page on eblogtemplates to know how to do it.

Write 20 Posts Before You Publish Your First Post
You may be having sufficient matter of the subject you are going to write about. Make 20 posts in advance, with smart headlines and each about 3-4 paragraphs at least. Addition of illustrations in the form of pics and graphs will be an added advantage. This is not applicable to those who write their everyday events on the same day just as a diary.

Write 20 Headlines For Prospective Posts
Write down 20 prospective headlines for your posts beforehand. It is not necessary to follow the order or even elaborate on all the headlines but it will definitely make a path for you to tread in future. A very effective way to do this is to write it in Google calendar and set reminders for it according to your planned posting frequency.

Choose 20 Tags
With the help of various search engines decide on 20 tags that closely describe your site. These will be used as labels as well as in Technorati when claiming your blog( See claiming later). They will also be of much use when registering on various bookmarking and sharing sites. for e.g Stumble upon and Delicious.

Write 2 Summaries Of Your Blog
Write down two summaries of your blog, one in 250 characters and the other in 160 characters. Most popular blog search sites will provide you with 250 or 160 characters to describe your blog. This will ensure uniformity at all the places you register.

Add Google Analytics Code
Analytics is much more than just counting hits or visitors of your blog. It gives you many other facilities such as entrance keywords, geographical distribution of your readers etc.

Burn Your Feeds
Let people read your site through RSS or Atom feed readers. Feed burner is an appropriate and satisfactory site to burn your feeds.

Claim Your Blog On Technorati
By far the most important blog search and ranking engine is Technorati. Registering at technorati is indispensable. It shows your blog authority depends on how many other sites or blogs have linked to your blog.

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Aromatherapy Tips For Bloggers

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses essential oils and other aromatic compounds from plants for the purpose of affecting a person's mood or health.

Enhance Concentration
Concentration is essential to gain in depth knowledge about your subject or niche of blogging. Loosing concentration is commonly encountered problem in most bloggers.
Basil sharpens the senses and increases concentration. Black pepper increases stamina and erases frustration.

For Travel Bloggers
Travel blogging is one of the most glamorous filed of blogging. Exotic resorts resorts and delectable dishes compel the readers to get back and see more. However the travel bloggers know the story behind the scene. The fatigue of travelling, jet lags, motion sickness, extremes of temperatures whether hot or cold can make one dizzy and nauseating.
Ginger is wonderful for nausea, hangovers and travel sickness. Indigestion is common due to experiments on various foods and Fennel comes to rescue from this symptom.

Back Pain
Improper posture and long work hours on the computer are the major culprits of moderate prolonged back pain. Bay, Cloves and Lemon will keep your spine fresh and invigourated for the next days grind.

Muscular Pain
Muscular pain accompanies back pain as well as arms, shoulder and scapulae. Peppermint, Black pepper and Rosemary will be soothing for these ailments.

Special Care For Female Bloggers
Premenstrual Syndrome
Is an episode of premenstrual syndrome affecting your blogging schedule. Irritation, depression, food cravings have tossed your attention away. Try Clary sage, for easing out painful cramps and regulating irregular periods. Geramium can be used for premenstrual depression and heavy periods.

Dysmenorrhoea or painful periods can be eased with Roman camomile, Clary sage and Jasmine.

The stage of menopause is another time for extreme psychological changes and mood swings. Bergamot, Cypress and Fennel will alleviate major symptoms.


Aromatherapy On Wikipedia
National Association For Holistic Aromatherapy
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Hamlyn Aromatherapy Solutions

Who Else Wants The 5 First Impression Fundamentals

In this busy world, where people want a baby delivered in 9 days and enjoy all four seasons on weekends, how much time do you think they will wait for your blog to load.

It has been proved by various experiments that the readers decision to stay or not to stay on the blog is accomplished in a flash. This crucial impactful time of readers decision ranges from 2-5 seconds. What are the factors that make a positive imprint on a readers mind in such a short span ? Understanding this is of utmost importance.

Lightening Fast Loading Time
Google has one straightforward philosophy - Keep the page loading time short. Among all search engines I bet Google loads fastest. No doubt people stick to it. In this busy world, where people want a baby delivered in 9 days and enjoy all four seasons on weekends, how much time do you think they will wait for your blog to load.

Clear And Courting Colour Combination
Before reading a even single line of text, what strikes the subconscious is the overall colour combination of your blog. The eyes take a snapshot and the judgment starts right there. Nalini Ambady's research paper " Half A Minute : Predicting Teacher Evaluation From Thin Slices Of Non Verbal Behaviour And Physical Attractiveness" proves this 2 second studies. In her experiment she hands over a 2 second muted video tape of various teachers and ask the students,who teaches the best. The results are remarkably similar to a group who evaluated the same teachers for a full semester.

Clean Clutter Free Interface

Over-stuffed sidebars, multiple animated flashing gif images, ads grabbing more real estate than the matter itself, too many columns and boxes like and old junkyard should be avoided at any cost. All these factors may chase the reader like an unleashed Doberman.

Powerful Pull Quotes

The above mentioned three factors affect the reader even without reading a single word from a blog. Now among the things that a visitor never skips is the pull quote. Whether its magazine, newspaper, site or a blog, the reader always goes through he pull - quotes.

Persuasive Headlines
Headlines having a question render the minds of a reader hungry to get the answer. Interrogative headlines thus make the best headlines ever. An all time great example to this is "How to win friends and influence people". Next bet bet is the list type headlines e.g. 6 Animals To Follow For Better Blogging.
I am sure you may be having some more important ideas which I may have missed out. Please feel free to write it here and let the blogosphere watch your words of wisdom.